Audi Sport racing academy signed Vivien Keszthelyi

Audi Sport has recognized Vivien Keszthelyi in 2015 and offered her a contract. The young driver has become a member of Audi Sport racing academy launched this year.

The new program established to promote young motorsport talents. The Audi Sport racing academy jury members are among others Audi Sport managers.

Audi Sport selected 3 talents from all over the world for the talent promotion program after they went through different tests. “The Audi Sport racing academy is the ideal program to support and sponsor the motorsport stars of tomorrow as they take the first steps in their career,” pointed out Sepp Haider, Vivien’s personal mentor. “These young talents will receive all-round support as they are thoroughly prepared for the actual racing series.”

The three-year Audi Sport racing academy programme includes twelve modules through which the young drivers undergo extensive training by experts on topics as far ranging as public relations and sponsorship to automotive engineering, fitness, nutrition and mental training. That’s over and above several dynamic driving sessions that include everything from winter training in different countries in Europe.

The program includes extensive mentoring and preparation for future higher category races. Each young driver benefits the support of a permanent mentor to personally advise and assist the candidate throughout the course. They also setting clearly defined goals every year and their progress towards those goals closely monitored.

“There is much more to professional motorsport than just driving fast,” Haider continues “A good driver should also make a positive public impression and he or she must be able to talk to engineers in detail about the racing car’s setup. We are creating an ideal platform for young drivers to develop their careers — a qualified Audi Sport racing academy driver will be ready to move into professional motorsport in Le Mans Prototype, DTM German Touring Cars or GT3 races.”

“Vivien is pretty quick on the track, has a great driving style and learns fast. She knows her goal exactly and improves step by step. At a test she was driving behind me so I could see her in my mirrors. I was impressed and that was the point I decided I want to work with her,“ tells Haider at the end.