Successful weekend for Vivien Keszthelyi at Slovakiaring

Vivien Keszthelyi, the only hungarian member of the Audi Sport Racing Academy, won the two races in her category and finished second twice in the absolute ranking at Slovakiaring, where the Central-European Zone Trophy touring car series’ third round was held on the past weekend.

The 15 years old racecar driver did a fantastic performance on the free practices, as she had top 5 results on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Not all of the 38 participants were involved on the free practices but for the qualifyings and races on Saturday and Sunday all drivers were on the field.

The youngest member of the Audi Sport Racing Academy finished first in her category on Saturday morning’s qualifying among the international field of 38 participants.  Vivien Keszthelyi continued her good performance as she won the sprint race in the afternoon in her category and finished second in the absolute ranking.

An endurance race was also held in the evening of Saturday, and Vivien Keszthelyi started on it with a special permission. The race ended at nighttime and the young driver of  Team VK has won her category’s race with another great performance.

The second qualifying of the weekend was held Sunday in the morning with an international field of 37 drivers. Vivien Keszthelyi proved her talent again as she was third in the absolute ranking and finished second on the race in the afternoon with an amazing driving, which resulted in a first position in her category.

Vivien Keszthelyi and Team VK had a very successful weekend at Slovakiaring given that the 15 years old driver had to fight against more powerful cars as her Audi TT Cup racer and with the majority of her opponents using another type of tyres which were more suitable for this circuit.

The hungarian member of the Audi Sport Racing Academy travelled immediately to Germany after the race, because next academy meeting will be held at the Lausitzring during the week.