Teenager Vivien Keszthelyi steps up into international driver support scheme

Hungarian Vivien Keszthelyi is now not just one of the world’s youngest touring car driver, but already steps up into international driver support scheme. Audi Sport has recognized her exceptional talent and has selected her for their talent promotion program “Audi Sport racing academy”.

Unlike many other drivers, she didn’t train from early childhood, has never taken part in races nor did she have any experience with cars in general. She began competing only at age 13, but her talent revealed immediately. Audi has recognized her and offered a contract in 2015.

The driver has become a member of Audi Sport racing academy launched this year. This is a unique opportunity from this aspect too. “My dream came true. It is unbelievable that I have been in the motorsport for 2 years and I reached the Audi Sport that soon. It is a pleasure to work with professional drivers, professional mechanics and with a lot of professional and awesome people. I am going to do everything to be 100% focused on the motorsport. Audi is like my 2nd family. I would like to say a big thank you especially for those people who believed in me and supported me to reach my goals.” says Vivien Keszthelyi.

The young driver will line up in an Audi TT Cup race car at the HTCC race series. The first race will take place on 28-30 April at the Hungaroring so home fans can see her up close as well soon.