Vivien Keszthelyi and TeamVRS stood behind a simulator tournament

Vivien Keszthelyi and her team, TeamVRS arrived to a newer smaller milestone the partner of a simulator race series as Audi Sport RacingAcademy member, inside the framework of this though one, started a high-standard, prize money tournament singly at home.

The first step ot the two-year agreement organized by way of Virtual SimRacingr, on simulator Audi TT Cup  consisting of five turnings may compare with their knowledge the pilots, who it was founded on Paul Ricard in 1969, the Forma-1 useful in track of Monza,  the legendary touring car is famous for his competitions,from TT Cup known Oschersleben and stony Norisringen counting as a challenge may circle then.

Interest, that more talent scouts were directed for the youthful stars of the motor sport earlier in Hungary, at the same time this year onto this there is not an opportunity, that is easily conceivable, that from among the pros more people sit behind the steering wheel then, this does not mean that they would enjoy a benefit behind the simulator already opposite much more experienced ones however.

The registration is going on already, the fantasy of more competitors like that the championship started who proved themselves in the reality already. So for example in the last year’s year TCR podium finisher Attila Tassia obtaining a platform, who passed it between the first, registration onto the championship. With what from a trademark cup there is a word, because of this in the reality, the pilot’s abilities come into the foreground here so. It is possible to claim very few things on the car, it depends on the pilot merely because of this who brings what kind of time from himself and the car.

The adventuresome ones may set about the series with a similar car then, than with the kind Vivien Keszthelyi gained a national championship title at CEZ rounds last year, and with which Audi TT Cupban leaves then according to the plans this year. The 16 year talent are disposed towards it exceptionally near in order for the world to get into one of his most strained fight series as a matter of fact. Beside the charges first three placed Viviens by favour of likewise one of her sponsors, from Hankook gets a unique one embroidered, the caps supplied with the limited V logo used in the series. The individual one, the team platform ones get richer by a cup and a medal then furthermore.

The series gets it on a festive awards ceremony then on his end accross TeamVRS the prizes, we report on this event then naturally, and our hopes Vivien Keszthelyi, and the competitors’ supporters cause an additional smaller surprise then by favour of.