Vivien Keszthelyi battled with an ex-F1 driver, earning points in both Dutch races

Vivien Keszthelyi, the hungarian driver of Audi Sport Racing Academy and the youngest member of the TT Cup series, completed both races at Zandvoort, scoring points with her best weekend in this season.

On saturday, the qualification was a bit difficult for a 16-year-old Debrecen-born driver, as she could started a bit late after the first red flag due to rain, and even when she started her fastest lap at the end of the session, her Polish rival had an accident that caused another red flag.
For this reason, Vivien Keszthelyi could only start from the 13th place on the first race, but that will be extremely memorable for her, as she was battling with a former F1 driver, the hometown man, Giedo van der Garde. The 31-year-old dutchman, who competed at Caterham in F1, also worked as a test driver at Sauber, started before the young Hungarian, but Keszthelyi managed to overtake him, in addition to reiterating his several attacks. The first Hungarian racer of the TT Cup ended up in the 11th place, and scored 8 points.
Vivien could have had positive feelings for the second day, when she started from the 15th place due to her second fastest lap in the qualifying. Based on the experience of previous competitions, the young Hungarian driver tried to escape the possible crashes at the start. After that she had a real-life race, as she made several overtaking manouvers, but she found herself often in a difficult situation because of the close battles in front of her, and the fights with the oppontents, but she did an excellent drive.
This time she finished on 12th place, and earned another 8 points. More important for Vivien was that after the race, the instructors of the Audi Sport Racing Academy congratulated to her performance, highlighting that this was the best weekend of her season so far.
The next round of Audi TT Cup will be held from September 8th to 10th at Nürburgring, Germany.