Vivien Keszthelyi becomes the youngest Hungarian helicopter-pilot

The youngest Hungarian driver in the history of all international series in touring car racing will get her road car driving license during the upcoming days and soon she will have her helicopter pilot exam also.

As the racing season was over Vivien Keszthelyi stands in front of new big tasks because first she will have an exam and will get her road car driving license and after that she would like to do a helicopter pilot exam also.

The 16 years old driver prepares hard for these exams and also for next season, and while everybody has to wait for the official statement, one thing is for sure: the young driver will make a step forward and will have extraordinary challenges in front of her with much more travelling than in the past years.

Among others that is the reason why one of her partners, Airbus, one of the world’s biggest air plane and helicopter manufacturer decided to help Vivien getting the helicopter pilot license. You can find many more examples for this in the world of motorsport because the drivers have to travel extremely lot inside the countries and also internationally. For example, the four-time Formula-1 world champion Lewis Hamilton, or the former Red Bull F1-driver Mark Webber also has a helicopter pilot license. Vivien will be trained and prepared for the exam in Hungary by FLY4LESS Air Service Kft.

At first Vivien will take part in a special flight medical test and her theoretical training will last for 136 hours whilst she will learn all the key facts about nine topics e.g.:: principles of flight, navigation, meteorology in what she will learn when and what the flight weather forecast means for a pilot. Besides these she will learn the basics of aviation laws and radio communication, but during the training she will know many important flight professional themes like type, airframe and systems knowledge and flight performance and planning knowledge.

The latter are especially important because she will use the helicopter in single pilot operation in the future, which means that Vivien will be the Pilot in-Command (PIC) herself.

Certified flight practice is necessary following the theoretical training, and then the successful exam means the license’s acquisition. After this the student pilot becomes a qualified private pilot, who can fly with Airbus Helicopters’ EC120B type turbine engine helicopter which represents a higher level among light helicopters.

After a successful exam Vivien will be Hungary’s youngest helicopter pilot and this pairing is probably unique among the world’s sportswomen.

During her career Vivien Keszthelyi reached 60 podium finishes from 60 races between 2013 and 2016, she was national champion in Hungary in the -3500 cm3 touring car category, and in 2017 she became the youngest Hungarian point scorer in the history of the international motorsport series in Audi Sport TT Cup. Continuing the steady development, she will have tougher and tougher tasks in front of her because she is still junior due to her age and does a learning process that becomes more and more difficult in the coming years. The official announcement comes soon.