Vivien Keszthelyi got her driving licence

Vivien Keszthelyi got her driving licence!

Hungary’s most successful female racing driver, Vivien Keszthelyi got her driving licence a few weeks after her 17th birthday.

Although racing cars have a special technique, Vivien has passed her exam on a conventional manual gear car, so her license will not be subject to any restrictions. The exam usually tests the driver’s knowledge and skills for 50 minutes. Vivien made it only in 40 minutes without any penalty points.

On this occasion, Audi Hungária had a little surprise for the only Hungarian member of Audi Sport Racing Academy, as she could make her first trip by one of the most powerful street sports cars, an RS5 model.

The Debrecen-born racer, who has been already mentioned in the FIA’s official magazine at the age of only 15 and voted as one of the top 30 young people in Hungary by Forbes in 2017, received another award last week: a magazine selected her as one of the most successful domestic celebrities.

Vivien’s performance on the race track is remarkable from the first moment. In 2015, she earned the third place in Swift Cup Europe’s overall rating, in 2016 she became the Hungarian champion of -2000 cm3 touring car category. Last year, thanks to her performance in Audi Sport TT Cup, she became the youngest Hungarian scorer ever on international level. Although the official announcement about the coming season is still to be expected, Vivien Keszthelyi’s primary goal continues to be developing by gathering valuable experience on a very strong international field, where the difference between cars is as small as possible and she can compete against experienced and qualified drivers. This provides the chance for tough, wheel the wheel battles, which often have to be accomplished by the speed above 200 km/h.