Vivien Keszthelyi in FIA Magazine issue 10

The FIA Magazine wrote about Vivien Keszthelyi in its 10th issue which was published in May. The International Automobile Federation noticed Vivien when she became a member of Audi Sport Racing Academy.

The FIA Magazine is an internally circulated, online journal. Audi Sport launched its Racing Academy for the first time in 2016, and 15 years old Vivien is one of the three talented drivers, who where selected by the experts.
The Audi Sport Racing Academy aims to promote young talent in motor sport, assisting academy members on the road to becoming professional race drivers via individual training programmes including track time, technical lessons, athletic activities, nutrition and media training.
„My dream has come true” – said Vivien of her selection. „It is unbelievable that I have been in motor sport for just two years and that I’ve reached the Audi Sport Racing Academy so soon. It is a pleasure to work with professional drivers and professional mechanics. I am going to do everything to be 100 per cent focused on motor sport.”

The FIA Magazine issue 10 is available under the following link (with Vivien on page 14):