Vivien Keszthelyi invited to Le Mans 24 hours by Audi Sport

Vivien Keszthelyi, the youngest member of Audi Sport Racing Adademy will be there in this weekend’s Le Mans 24 hours race. The 15 years old driver was invited to the event by Audi Sport, and she will represent the racing academy there.

Vivien was invited by Audi Sport at the start of this weekend when she were testing her Audi TT Cup car in Audi Sport’s center in Neuburg.

The teenager driver will travel to Germany on Friday and then in Saturday she will fly with Audi’s charter to Le Mans where she will view the legendary race as a guest of Audi Sport. Pierre Kaffer, one of Vivien’s mentors at the academy will also participate on the event as a driver.

Audi had some serious successes in Le Mans during the last decades, since 2000 the german manufacturer’s team won 13 times, and this year it tries to bounce back to Porsche, which was unbeatable last year.

„I’m unbelievable happy that Audi Sport invited me to this event. Of course it is a very big opportunity for me in terms of my professional development because I can see how the professional teams are working during the race. I think Audi Sport can achieve a good result in Le Mans, and I’m also happy that Pierre Kaffer will drive on the race, I hope that he will achieve a result what he wants” – said Vivien.