Vivien Keszthelyi met with the race engineer of Red Bull Racing Formula One Team at Örkény

Vivien Keszthelyi was one of the guest stars of the hungarian event of Formula Student East international competition at Örkény. In Formula Student East teams of more than 80 engineering students from all over the world are racing with their own designed and built racing cars.

Vivien has a special guest “guide”, Sándor Kling, the hungarian race engineer of Red Bull Racing Formula One Team. Interestingly, Kling, who works in the headquarters of the Austrian team at Milton Keynes, was also a former student of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and he himself participated in this competition, which he also won with his companions.
Vivien Keszthelyi and Sándor Kling talked about the world of Formula 1, the training at the Audi Sport Racing Academy and the current TT Cup, in which the 16 year old hungarian driver have recently acquired the first points of their own and the history of Hungary.
Both of them visited the teams together with the representatives, analyzed the operation and construction of the custom-designed motors, and many of the competitors were interested in the development and preparation of the hungarian driver’s career. A dutch engineering team participating in the race offered Vivien Keszthelyi the chance to try their racing car, which accelerates to 100 km/h in only 2 (!) seconds, at the end of the season.
Vivien Keszthelyi will continue to prepare for the TT Cup in the next few weeks. The next race weekend of the German Touring Car Championship (DTM) and the TT Cup will be held at Zandvoort, Netherlands, on 18-20th August.