Vivien Keszthelyi prepares at home for the next race of Audi TT Cup after her accident

As at the Hockenheimring, an unlucky accident ended Keszthelyi Vivien’s race at the legendary Nürburgring.

Vivien’s car performed excellently under the 16 year Hungarian pilot during the free practice. Then the youngest member of the field achieved the 12th place in the qualifying just 1.2 second behind the winner. There was a legendary world champion motorcyclist on the track, venezuelan Johnny Cecotto was a guest driver of the weekend.
The time sheet of the qualifying shows the balance of the field, and a totally other order took shape on the qualification than in Hockenheim. As Audi sorted the pilots, all of them are victorious type, from among more than hundred candidates, and their aim is winning always and under all circumstances.
Maybe that’s why was the big fight in the fist race at friday, since an enormous fight took shape in the first corner already, this caused the misfortune though seconds later. Fabian Vettel – the younger brother of four time F-1 world champion Sebastian Vettel – collided with his italian rival, span round and slipped on the track crosswise. Vivien Keszthelyi tried to avoid the collision though, but it proved to be inescapable, Vettel’s car hit the hungarian’s Audi at the left rear wheel and the car struck uncontrollably into the rubber wall. The race may have continued after a short safety car period though, but not took an end because of an other accident and red flags after that one.
Vivien Keszthelyi was taken to hospital, and because of an injury she stayed for two nights at the intensive care. After thar she was released and travelled back to Budapest where the remaining examinations were made already and the doctors do it continuously.
Vivien Keszthelyi may not drive for a short period, but she will have time to prepare for the next race of Audi TT Cup which will be held at Norisring between 30th June and 2nd July.
Before that race, the fans could meet her at the DTM Hungarian weekend at Hungaroring, 16-18th June.