Vivien Keszthelyi still supports the UNICEF, and the ambassador of Mosoly Alapítvány

As the last two year, compared her opportunities, Vivien Keszthelyi supporting the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, UNICEF and works as an ambassador for the Mosoly Alapítvány. The 16 year hungarian racing driver conveyed his gift to the two charitable organisations earlier the week.

The greatest talent of the hungarian motorsport offered a part of her first support of his carreer, to help for children in need in 2015, it contributed a support with a material character to UNICEF work this year then.

The representative of the world organization founded in 1946 said, from this sum 200 units of food artefact with tall calory content can be provided to seriously underfed small children, enough may be 1000 packets of therapeutic hazel-nut artefact concerned (plumpy nut) his purchasing, for what seriously underfed infants can be treated.

Mosoly Alapítvány at who the twenty-year past is a stop-gap tale and art therapy one helps those children and their families with a service, for who their balance in body and soul was upset as a result of a serious illness or a trauma. One for which thank you can be said to offering Vivien, generous one – as the foundation said it – a full one insures two therapeutic group of his device claim onto a program year.

“A physically handicapped boy asked a signature of me in 2013 on the beginning of my carreer. What put a very deep impression onto me told his story. I decided it then, that in the future, I help it if I may do it the one with a similar fate, you are underprivileged children” – said the only hungarian membe of the Audi Sport Racing Academy, who prepares for the next season intensively already.