Vivien Keszthelyi: “We offered a little surprise for Mick in case he won”

Not only the Formula 1, but also the subsequent Formula 2 and Formula 3 series brought great excitement to Hungaroring. Vivien Keszthelyi and his partner David Schumacher, who both compete in F3 as well, but in different international championships, followed the action and watched Mick Schumacher achieve his first victory in his category as the guests of Red Bull. The three pilots have a great relationship, and the 34th Hungarian Grand Prix gave them the chance to celebrate their achievements in motorsport with an additional personal meeting.

The Formula trio had dinner together on Friday in a downtown restaurant where they met for the first time in civilian life after a long time. Due to their busy racing schedule, they have only had time to share on the track during the race weekends, and it was no different this time either, but Vivien says they were trying to take advantage of the opportunity of having dinner together:

“It is good to finally spend some time together in person. In this case, it is possible to discuss the present, the future and to plan joint programs more precisely. Due to our short summer break starting next week, details of the holiday were being discussed. We had a lot of topics with David and Mick, but as always, Formula racing was the focal point of discussions. As we follow each other’s races, first we quickly talked through our races. If we can, we try to watch the other’s races from the stands, just like now, although it is less common, so we usually use the Internet” – said Vivien, who also talked about her relationship with David.”It’s very rare that boys do the same as a girlfriends, and it is even more unique that they are competing in the same category. Our interests and goals are very much the same, but we try to help each other. I will travel to my W Series race weekend on Wednesday, and this time David will accompany me. The event begins with the simulator tests, which will be followed up by further testing at the Brands Hatch race track.”

Just like in recent years, Vivien and David arrived at the Hungaroring by a helicopter provided by Fly4Less. After signing autographs and sharing lunch at Red Bull Racing’s new motorhome, the two drivers visited the F1 box, where they took a look at Max Verstappen’s car, which he earned the pole position with. Despite their tight schedule, they tried to have a few words with everyone as they meet a lot of familiar faces from the racing world. The cream of motorsports, as well as pilots of different categories and team decision-makers, are virtually in one place thanks to the Formula 1 race weekend, providing them with an ideal opportunity to discuss the future. For example, details of next season can be negotiated between the parties involved. Vivien Keszthelyi has represented Hungary in two different international Formula 3 series this year, which could start gossips, but she rather talked primarily about Mick Schumacher’s victory:

“Congratulations for him as he had a great race weekend! I am very pleased that Mick won his first race win in Formula 2 at Hungaroring, and I know there are many more to come. At Friday’s dinner we had the chance to give him a boost by offering him a little surprise in case he won, so maybe that had a part in his success” – said Vivien with a smile on her face, but she did not share too much information regarding the secret reward as she only told her that it had something to do with “a very special car”.