Vivien Keszthelyi’s got the national trophy

Viven Keszthelyi, the only hungarian member of Audi Sport competitor academy took it over the national touring car championship 2000 cm3 categories prize being his due as his winner on the award gala of National Automobilsport Federation of Hungary (MNASZ).

Team VRS young pilot anyway not only the sprint, but the endurance, that is won the national championship title of the long-term competitions in 2016 in her own category.
The youngest member of Audi Sport competitor academy won both championship titles, this on 15 year ones though success emerging from more viewpoints.
Vivien Keszthelyi was knitting with Audi Sport competitor academy for a contract duly for the German motor works’ motorsport section her instructors and from a leader’s specialists got and Audi Sport receives help, the this year’s one in the future in a season though her driving engineers and her mechanics escorted her onto the rounds, that his big part Central European Zone Cup (CEZ) her field together, CEZ a series was going on on her sites.
Vivien Keszthelyi in the field promising to be the strongest, heaviest task compared to her age, it with MNASZ separate permit, and by way of Audi Sport – on the world on a single manner – accomplished the season with insured Audi TT Cup Racer.
Her young competing successes not only because of that notable, an adult, predominant one dared part men in field made by proven best of her category, but because of that, CEZ drew 30-35 cars on competitions organized together with the rounds of a series the most mostly and pilot deploying had to be valid in field, and bought these obstacles in such a way that the results were not canceled meanwhile.
Vivien Keszthelyi continues her career, the aim naturally, that already on 16 year ones, the possible most serious challenge meaning, let her prove his knowledge in field formed by strong pilots on a world level, an international series. Team VRS did not announce where the young pilot continues her carreer yet temporarily, but this comes to light then until the end of a January expectedly.