Vivien Keszthelyi’s team continues racing as Team VK

The team of 15 years old Vivien Keszthelyi, the only hungarian member of Audi Sport Racing Academy, changed it’s name and continues it’s racing project as Team VK.

The team tries to ensure the succesfull participation of Vivien Keszthelyi in the Hungarian Touring Car Championship with the support and technical help of Audi Sport, with the assistance of the manufacturer’s mechanics.

The Hungarian Touring Car Championship is an unavoidable but excellent development opportunity for Vivien Keszthelyi, who, after a predetermined decision, races with the Audi TT Cup car this year in an outfield, where the majority of her opponents have more powerful cars.

There are GT3 Porsche, Lotus Exige V6 Cup R, Lotus Evora GT4 and Seat Leon Cup Racer cars in the Hungarian Touring Car Championship. According to the rules of the series the drivers have to participate in all 5 races with Hankook tyres. Team VK decided that Vivien Keszthelyi will drive with only one, predetermined tyre compound in all races, because it is very important for her to gain as much experience as she can regarding the operation of these tyre compounds take into consideration of the possibilities in the upcoming years for her.

Team VK members together with the international experts of Audi Sport decided before the start of the year that the 15 years old driver should take part in this series in favor of her future development.

The first two race weekends in this year showed that this was the right decision, Vivien Keszthelyi did a lot of useful race kilometres against cars with more engine power and for the delight of the team the race results were also very good.

The next round of the series will be held on 19-21 August in Slovakiaring.